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Keeping air conditioning systems running at their best calls for occasional periodic maintenance to keep everything clean and fully functional

Periodic maintenance checks don’t only guarantee better operation, they save money in the long term by preventing serious breakdowns early on and increasing product efficiency and life expectancy. Our maintenance contracts are highly flexible and bespoke but we recommend two visits a year for most systems with a fully certified and qualified engineer carrying out an extensive range of checks and tests on every part of your air conditioning system.

The periodic maintenance service includes;

  • Clean the air filters, covers and louvers
  • Check condition of heat exchanger coil
  • Lubricate fan motor
  • Sanitize condensate drain pan and check pump and pipes
  • Inspect electrical connections and interconnecting cables
  • Check the air distribution
  • Check operation of air deflection louvers and controllers
  • Check for damage to external components
  • Check blower fan blades for tightness
  • Brush away any debris around condenser
  • Check for unusual vibration
  • Check pipe connections
  • Inspect cabinet for corrosion
  • Inspect drains for clear water flow
  • Test system in cooling and heating modes

Expert servicing and repairs guaranteed

Our team’s extensive experience across commercial and domestic systems makes them an ideal choice for maintenance works. We approach every job as unique looking in detail at the system before carrying out maintenance whether it’s a system we installed or that someone else did. By applying due care, expert consultation and quality services we can keep any system in its best possible state.