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Air Conditioning Products

We install a wide range of air conditioning units and systems into businesses and homes with options for floor, wall and ceiling installations.

The Doveley Air installations team is highly experienced in all kinds of air conditioning installations and we are proud to be Accredited Mitsubishi Electric Installers offering their full range of solutions plus options for extended warranties. Air conditioners are the ideal approach to climate control, keeping spaces cool in summer and heating them quickly and efficiently through winter; especially when supported by our comprehensive maintenance contracts.

Our range of air conditioning products and installed units includes;

Wall mounted air conditioners

These light and compact units help keep your floorspace free and open. They can be operated via an infrared or wired remote controller with features including; Cooling/heating - Adjustable airflow - Ultra quiet - Auto close flaps - Remote controller

Floor mounted units

Ideal for conservatories and private gyms these quickly installed units are used commercially as well as in domestic properties. Floor mounted unit features include; Cooling/heating - Adjustable airflow - Ultra quiet - Auto close flaps - Remote controller

4 way blow ceiling cassette

These ceiling mounted units are often seen in restaurants and reception areas as they are compact and fit flush into the ceiling. The conditioned air can be distributed in four directions with other features including; Cooling/heating - Maximum floor space - Fit flush into the ceiling - 4 way directional air blow - Ultra quiet - Remote controller

Ceiling suspended unit

Another good solution for restaurants, reception areas, shops and offices that do not have a false ceiling, fitting against the ceiling surface the features of these air conditioners include; Cooling/heating - Maximum floor space - Swing louvers (auto) - Remote controller

Outdoor condensing units

These connect to all the indoor units by copper pipe work and electrical cables. They can be mounted on a roof or wall on brackets or in its own housing. Features include; Heat pump or cooling only - Quiet running - High quality heat exchanger - Ozone friendly refrigerant gas